A Brief Overview

About us

The Construction Industry Board of Development (CIDB) have launched myBIM Centre as a centre of reference for the industry on BIM

It will also be a training centre as we will prepare facilities to train developers, contractors, consultants and suppliers on the use of BIM. We also provide a conducive ecosystem for BIM in the construction industry by allowing start-up BIM users to come to the centre to use the system on a pay-per-use basis

This is also in line with the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) 2016-2020 as the centre aims to promote and increase the use of BIM in the Industry. The construction industry plays a catalytic role in the growth of the Malaysian economy, and the CITP is the blueprint for the industry to become a safer, more modern, productive and sustainable sector.

This BIM platform is created to meet the needs of the industry in facilitating a healthy and sustainable industry by using BIM. The 3 main categories of the BIM Components provided are:

  • Industriralized Building System (IBS)
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing

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Our Mission

Malaysia’s Largest and Leading BIM Components Platform